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We’ll stop by to evaluate the scale and your belongings. Please also be sure to have your pets boarded or taken care of and out of the way as moving alone can be stressful event it gets harder for your furry loved ones if there are lots of strangers about as well.


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Once we know how much stuff you have, and what types, we’ll coordinate the perfect team to handle the transport.


Can I do my own packing?
Yes, you can self-pack but please see our packing tips.
What about moving specific large items like hot tubs, pianos and pool tables?

We don’t move grand or baby grand pianos. We do move upright and spinet pianos, with no additional handling fees. Just the hourly rate, like everything else. May need a larger crew though (which is higher than our standard one truck/two man moving crew), depending on the access, etc.

We will not move hot tubs.

We will move pool tables, but we do not set felt or level the pool table.

Customer must hire contractor for any non-moving related services such as: pool table servicing (leveling/setting felt), grandfather clock prep, music equipment tuning, appliance disconnect or reconnects, dismounting articles that are affixed to walls, dismantling/re-mantling cubicles, electrical or plumbing services. These are all services that Road Scholars cannot provide.

Does choosing the lowest hourly rate, ensure the most economical move?

Not always, in fact most often, a “cheap” hourly rate can mean a more expensive move cost overall! Why, you ask? Generally, “low-cost” rates, mean low quality movers or even temp workers, which means the move may take longer than it should. If you find a Denver Mover thDenver Mover – Moving Truckat has a cheaper hourly rate than Road Scholars Moving & Storage, but your move takes an hour longer, is that “bargain rate” really worth it?

What are the legal requirements I should ask for of my moving company in Colorado?

As required by law, all Denver moving companies must display their Colorado P.U.C. license number (or H.H.G. #) and all interstate Movers must display their D.O.T. and M.C. numbers; in any advertising, including their website. If they do not display these numbers, they may not be licensed to legally operate a moving company. Avoid contacting any Denver Mover that does not display these numbers. Our H.H.G. number is: 00107. Any mover, who operates within the state of Colorado, must carry a household goods moving license, issued by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

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