Storage Agreement

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  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Contract Details
  • Storage fee: Is the sum set as agreed and will continue on a month-to-month basis. The storage fee is payable in advance upon the monthly anniversary date set forth above and every calendar month thereafter. The storage fee is payable without demand or billing statement.

    If the storage fee is not paid within ten (10) days after the due date, or in the event of a declined credit card, occupant agrees to pay $15.00 as liquidated damaged for said late payments and $25.00 as liquidated damages for said declined credit card as additional rent. If the storage fee is not paid within thirty (30) consecutive days after the due date, a Notice of Enforcement of Storage Lien will be sent and auction processing fee of $125.00 will be assessed to the occupant’s account. Occupant will be deemed responsible for the following fees associated with the cost of auctioning ones property; publication fee of $25.00, court filing fee of $25.00, labor charge of $149.00 per hour, inventory and sales fees. Auction proceeds will be used towards the invoice; if the proceeds do not cover the invoice in full, you will be responsible for balance.

    There is a $200.00 monthly minimum charge. If there is “overflow”, that does not fit or is unsafe to load into a storage vault, there will be an overflow fee of $10.00-$20.00 per month, depending on size of article/articles. Storage fees are to be paid via automatic credit/debit card deduction, each month (no exception).

    Storage fee adjustments: The monthly rental rate may be changed at any time by owner giving written notice to occupant at the last known address/email, seven (7) days before the expiration of any month of tenancy. No refunds or pro-rations will be given for either the first month or the month of termination. No refund will be given at termination for any unused prepaid storage fee. We do not pro-rate storage fees; charges are based on a month to month basis.

    Use and occupancy: Storage is to be used for personal property and household goods only. Items prohibited from storing: materials which are classified as hazardous, flammable, toxic or illegal.

    Access: An appointment must be made prior to accessing storage. Due to insurance reasons, we must move your contents to our lot for the purpose of viewing your items. The warehouse handling charge is $129.00 per hour for two ware-housemen, with a two hour minimum.

    Liability: the standard limit of company’s liabilities are not to exceed thirty (30) cents per pound per article, which shall be the value for all purposes and in no event shall the Company’s liability, if any, for loss or damage, exceed such declared value. Actual weight of the good shall govern if ascertained; if not, the goods will be deemed to weigh seven (7) pounds per cubic foot, which is the average weight of household goods. Shipper may select full value protection for the duration of the storage period, at an additional fee. See office for pricing.

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    Occupant agrees to all terms of this agreement and acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement.