If you’re handling the packing yourself, here are a few steps to make it easier.

  • Pack a few boxes every day, and allow at least a month to complete the job. Start with the items that you will not need until you relocate.
  • Prepare your electronics and computers by backing up materials and disconnecting the units. Be sure to store and label all cables in a zip-lock bag. If you still have the original boxes for electronics, by all means use them. If not, bubble-wrap each component and wad up paper in all four corners of the box.
  • When packing fragile items, mark the box as FRAGILE.
  • Crumple packing paper and stuff it inside glasses, cups and stemware. Place dishes and glassware upright.
  • Use bubble-wrap and/or paper pads for paintings, mirrors or pictures. Special mirror boxes are ideal for transporting works of art.
  • It’s OK to keep clothing in dressers and chests of drawers. But remove all other items, particularly anything fragile or valuable. Box all contents from desks and credenzas.

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  • We sell boxes that are designed for moving, but if you use your own boxes, be sure they are clean, sturdy and have lids.
  • Make sure that the box size is appropriate for its contents. Small boxes work best for books, tools or anything heavy and dense.
  • Use three strips of tape, along the bottom seam of each moving box. Do not just fold flaps; you need to tape the bottom to ensure its integrity throughout the move.
  • Try to keep the boxes at 40 to 50 pounds each.
  • Label each box with its contents and the room that will serve as its final destination.

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DO use specially designed boxes whenever possible. Wardrobe boxes ensure your clothes arrive ready, or nearly ready, to wear. And special dish boxes protect china and crystal.

Whenever possible, DO opt for uniform box sizes. They make it easier to optimize space in the truck and to load and unload efficiently.

DON’T use newspaper to cushion items within a box. Newsprint is likely to leach onto your valuable items.

DO wrap items in two or more sheets of paper or in bubble wrap.

DO remove light bulbs and shades from all lamps and lighting fixtures.

DON’T pack flammable items.