Our areas of expertise extend past professional moving services to alleviate the stress of the moving your home or office. There is so much involved with moving preparation, let our professional packers do the work, so you can attend to your busy schedule. We can provide all of the moving boxes and packing materials or use yours. We carry new boxes and used boxes, as well as specialty containers such as; book boxes, dish cartons, mirror boxes, wardrobes, etc. Also, ask about our crating services! If you plan on doing the majority of the packing on your own, we offer a free delivery of moving boxes (Denver metro area only); with a minimum purchase. If you are self packing, see our packing tips.
We have professional packers who are qualified to pack all of your delicate items, as well as any other household contents. We take special care of your crystal, china and dishware; to ensure its safe arrival. Let us take the stress out of preparing for your move, by providing our expert packing services.

How It Works

We know moving can be stressful, so we do our best to keep the process as efficient and easy as possible, without sacrificing a clear and thorough plan.

Rest assured we will protect your belongings and make your moving process as worry-free as we can for you. Give us a call or fill out our form online and you’re one step closer to having a successful, experienced, and dare we say, delightful move.

Get An Estimate

Use our online quote form to get free information. We'll give you a price so there are no hidden fees.  Budgeting your move wisely may not come easily to you, ask us for help on figuring out a realistic budget.  Don’t forget all the moving supplies you’ll need. We offer supplies at a comparable price and our box buy-back program can help get you some money back in your pocket after your move is complete.


Plan Your Move

Pack your boxes yourself or let us do it for you–we have a team that loves to pack, so if it’s not something you’d like to add to your list of things to do, Road Scholars is here for you.  We'll take a look at any valuables or large items in advance so there are no surprises. And don’t forget to figure out the dates and times that will best suit you so you’re prepared when you schedule your move.


Schedule Your Move

Call us when you are ready to schedule.  Give us as much heads up as you can to ensure your moving date is available. Check with your building and let them know when you are moving. Make sure there aren’t any time restrictions and ensure that you reserve the freight elevator at each building for the movers’ exclusive use.  Then, sit back and let us take on the responsibility of getting your business moved.   

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