No two moves are created equal, but all moves are stressful by nature.  Even if your move is from a small apartment, the steps involved to make it efficient and run smoothly are as important to follow as if you were moving from a mansion.  

Today, we’re giving you smart apartment moving tips that will make your relocation go off without a hitch.  


Start packing as soon as possible

You know all that stuff in the spare bedroom that you never really use, but want to keep?  If you know you’re moving one, two, three months in advance, why not jump on packing up those unused items early?  

Starting your packing ahead of schedule will curb your anxiety and help alleviate some overwhelming feelings when it gets closer to your move date.  

Keep your used and necessary items out, but start packing the rest as soon as you can.  Starting early will allow for time to weed out items you don’t want to keep and help you stay organized with enough time to pack and label moving boxes properly.


Clean up 

We know you’re excited about your new place and fresh start, but don’t forget to give your old place a clean before you say adieu.  

Cleaning up will allow you the opportunity to give the space a good look, making sure you haven’t forgotten anything.  It will also avoid fees and complaints from the old landlord.


Turn on your utilities 

You don’t want to be unpacking in the dark, with no refrigerator for beverages, no internet to watch Stranger Things, and no music for that unpacking dance you’ve choreographed.

Be sure you have your utilities turned on ahead of time so you can work in comfort.  Especially if you need heat or air conditioning.  


Get apartment complex moving info

This is really important because most apartment complexes have set rules about moving in and out.  Sometimes elevators need to be reserved, sometimes you can only move in between certain times of day or week, and sometimes you need to park your moving van in specific areas.

Know the ins and outs of the moving process at your complex (old and/or new) so you don’t waste any time.


Get yourself renters’ insurance 

This is often overlooked but it should be thought of as if it’s another utility.  If you have family heirlooms, valuable jewelry, nice artwork, you’ll want to be sure you get renters’ insurance if only for peace of mind.  If the apartment above you gets a leak, you could get some damage. If someone leaves a candle lit and a fire ensues, you could get some damage.  

When moving into an apartment complex there are people living on every side of your walls, floor, and ceiling, you can’t possibly know how each of them is caring for their apartment, so keep your belongings as safe as possible through renters’ insurance.  


Ask Road Scholars for apartment moving help

If you don’t want to pack up and move all your stuff, we’re happy to help.  Whether you just need packing assistance or want us to start and finish the entire relocation process, we’re your team.  

Give us a call, fill out a form, or shoot us an email and let’s get started.