I know, you’re shaking your head in disbelief, but it is possible to get through some pesky moving tasks in just a few minutes.  You just have to know the ins and outs of moving. And since moving is our job, we got you covered.

Get Yourself Some Organization

Nothing shrieks chaos like boxes everywhere, trash strewn about, and piles of items for donation in every room.  So, to help with all that, start with getting all the stuff you no longer want OUT.  

Once you’ve donated everything and gotten rid of all the trash, your house will feel a lot more manageable (and your stress level will too).  For tips and tricks on organizing your donations, check out our blog post Getting Rid of Unnecessary Things When Moving.

And never underestimate the power of labeling.  Yes, it may seem easier to just toss a bunch of random items in a box and consider that box done, but it will cost you time in the future.  Put like items with like items and then label the box on every side. Don’t forget to add “Fragile” if necessary.  

If for convenience purposes, you want to combine rooms or have reason to put a fragile item in a box of clothes, that’s perfectly fine, just label accordingly.  It will shave loads of time off your unpacking sessions.

Get Yourself Some Quotes From Moving Companies

The transportation part of your move is one of the most costly parts of the whole ordeal, arguably the most costly.  So, don’t just call up one moving company, call a few.  Do some comparing and make sure whoever you choose can accommodate your specific needs and has no hidden charges.

Have some information handy when you start your search for professional movers.  

  • Know the exact mileage between your old space and your new space
  • Know the parking situation at both spaces (you may be billed if your movers have to park far away)
  • Know if an elevator is in working order and your movers can use it
  • Know if there are certain hours or days you cannot move
  • Know the number of items you have to move and be sure to call out those extra bulky things, like hot tubs, pool tables, and pianos.

If there is anything special about your needs, you’ll want to be sure you tell your Denver movers so you can get accurate quotes and no one is blindsided.  

Having a list of information available when you get on these calls will save you having to make several calls back in order to answer their questions.

Many professional movers allow you to book online rather than having to call in.  This may be faster for you, too, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Get Yourself Some Appointments 

Booking appointments will save considerable time with everything from the cable connection to junk collection.  Take a day to figure out what needs to be done/can be done by a professional and then make the calls to set it all up.  

This is a great way to keep you on schedule, as well as giving you the peace of mind in knowing these things will all get done.  

Yes, we all think we’ll have time to drop off the 15 bags of trash, but before you know it, it’s the day before your local movers come and no one has taken any of it.  Make the call, pay the small fee to have it taken away safely and efficiently, without you having to make the trip yourself or pay the fines for leaving it.

You’ll most likely want to spruce the place up a bit before you leave it.  If that’s the case, painters and cleaners are an excellent resource to help you.  The time you’ll save will be invaluable, allowing you to focus on more important matters of your move.

The Takeaway

Moving can- and will- take a lot out of you, so let moving experts and associates help whenever possible.  And remember that when you take just a few extra minutes to do something from the start, it can pay off with hours saved in the end.  

We wish you lots of luck with your move and we’re happy to help out in any way possible.  Give us a call with any moving questions or concerns you have.