We know that moving is one of the most stressful events we encounter in life. Change is always challenging, and add in the pressure of time, packing, and finances, it’s a lot. We want to help. Today, we’re going to tell you 10 of our favorite moving tips and tricks that will support you throughout your move. 

1. Purge: Donate, Sell, Trash

Get rid of all the stuff you don’t want or need or use. If it’s broken, toss it. If you can sell it and make some money, awesome. If you can’t sell it, donation is great. We’re big fans of paying it forward. It’s good karma for a successful move, too. 

2. Pack boxes with weight in mind

Don’t fall victim to tossing your wall of books into one large cardboard box. That will end badly for your back, the box, and your books. Use small boxes or plastic containers to hold the heavy stuff. If it’s fragile, be sure to wrap it and fill in the voids in the box. This way, the item isn’t thrashing around inside as it’s transported.

3. Cushion your kitchen items and fragile items 

When it comes to your stemware and glasses, using the right boxes is essential. Wrapping these items first will help ensure they don’t break. Use packing materials, socks, washcloths, or other soft items for cushion. 

Don’t lay your plates flat, but stand them vertically, separated by a soft divider. 

All fragile items should be wrapped securely, bubble wrap is excellent for this, but you can save money and use things you already own that need to be packed, too. Sheets, throw blankets, pillows, and towels make excellent cushioning. 

4. Label your boxes

Knowing where the box is going and having a brief rundown of what’s inside will make unpacking go smoother and faster. If it’s fragile, be sure you say so on the box, and make sure it stands out so all can see it. 

If you need to box up the items you use daily, it’s important you keep it separate from the other boxes, so it doesn’t get mixed up with them. Labeling will help with that, but also set it aside and make sure everyone knows not to move it. 

You may want to have some “Open First” boxes for each room, so you know where the essentials are. 

5. Organize the moving truck

Keeping the boxes together by room in the moving truck will help when it comes time to unload them. Fill the back of the truck with the heaviest furniture and put lighter boxes and furniture on top. Putting smaller items inside larger items will maximize space and fill in voids that can lead to damage. 

6. Pack food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies in plastic

For these items, wrapping them each in plastic separately (when appropriate) then putting them in a plastic bag before they make their way into their labeled box will help with safety and cleanliness. Doing so will avoid leakage, staining, and an overall mess. 

This is an important box to have labeled because you want to be sure these items are put away safely, correctly, and quickly.

If some of your items are in glass bottles (perfume bottles, spaghetti sauce, etc.), be sure they’re wrapped with cushioning, not just in plastic. 

Remember, the more groceries you have, the more you have to move, so stop buying them when it makes sense. Use up as much food from your house before you move as you can and consider giving away what you don’t need. 

7. Keep trash bags and sandwich or grocery bags on hand

You’ll find more trash than you ever thought possible when you start packing up your house. Then, when you think you’ve seen the last of the trash, you’ll find more. All that stuff gets in the way and causes chaos. Have trash bags near at all times so you can get rid of it. 

As you start to take apart furniture and electronics, you’ll find that there are many small pieces (such as screws, nuts, and bolts) and cords that you’ll want to be kept together with their respective items. Having small plastic baggies or even grocery store bags will support that endeavor. 

Use packing tape to secure the bag to the item it goes with. But, also, label the bag with a Sharpie in case of separation. (Example: screws to master bed or cords to family room cable box).

If your electronics are complicated to set up, taking a picture of the back of them, showing what cord is plugged into what spot, will save time when you set them up at your new place. 

8. Plan smart

Moving requires plans. Lots of them. 

  • Plan the best day and time for your move
  • Plan who you need to help you move and set it up ASAP (professional Denver movers, friends, family)
  • Plan for convenience upon your arrival (be sure you have access to that daily necessities box, clothes, toiletries, laptop, chargers, important documents, etc.)
  • Plan your driving route (especially if moving long-distance), if you need to get a hotel, if you need to stop with your pet, etc. 
  • Plan what you need in your vehicle (games for the kids, snacks for people and pets, water, etc.)

Your plans will make or break the experience; you don’t want the stress of rushing through your move. Plans will save you time, energy, and money. 

9. Know your new neighborhood 

Once you arrive at your new place, you’ll probably want to feel comfortable as soon as possible. Knowing where the grocery store is, the pharmacy, the dog park, and the best brewery in town may be exactly what you need for convenience as well as some stress relief. 

Meeting some neighbors is always a plus, too. Be sure to be respectful of their lawn, time, and space when you move in. 

10. Show gratitude 

Show those who helped you move some love:

  • Have water and snacks around
  • Beer and wine for friends and family may be nice
  • Buy lunch 
  • Tip your professional movers

They all worked hard to make your life easier, so show them that it meant something to you. It will make you feel good too. 

The takeaway

Moving takes a lot out of you, but you can make it less stressful with these smart tips. Hiring a team of professional packers and movers will also help. Feel out our free online estimate form, and let’s see how we can support you on your moving day. 

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