Moving is a lot of work and a demanding project to take on. Not only is the physical aspect exhausting, but the mental wear and tear can be overwhelming, too.  

Choosing the best moving company and professional movers for your needs and goals is going to take a lot of the stress out of your local or long-distance move. Below we’ll tell you the must-take steps when choosing a professional moving company in Denver. 

Read reviews and get referrals for licensed and insured professional movers

Asking your trusted network of people is the best place to start in your search for quality movers. You’ll get real insight and be able to make an educated decision. However, we recommend going one step further and checking out their BBB profile and reading their online reviews. 

If you don’t have a trusted network available to you, go straight to the BBB and the reviews section. Be sure you do this. Don’t just choose the moving company closest to you or the cheapest. 

Don’t even bother considering any moving companies that aren’t licensed and insured. If they look like they’ll be a great company and check off all your boxes, but aren’t on the up and up with their own business as far as licensing and insurance go, you shouldn’t trust them with your move. 

Doing a bit of research may take you a little extra time on your end, but the payoff is well worth it. 

Trust your instincts 

While still in the estimate-receiving time, trust your instincts. If you notice that the company isn’t responsive, won’t give straight answers, or is hard to get in touch with, you may want to reconsider working with them. 

Also, be sure to notice how courteous, professional, and reliable they are. These are all signs of how they will treat you and your belongings after you decide to work with them. Excellent customer service and communication are going to give you the peace of mind you want throughout your moving process. 

Check out the professional moving company’s address 

Always research the address the moving company gives you. You want to be sure they have a business location that can handle the services they say they provide. If they’re outsourcing services such as moving trucks, equipment, or storage, you may want to keep looking. If they don’t have a committed, known team of moving professionals on hand, they may not know precisely who will be working with you. This can cause problems. 

Road Scholars Moving & Storage has a dedicated team of trusted moving experts who are fully vetted and have the proper experience in packing, moving, and customer support. Our team is a family, and we treat our customers with the respect they should receive.