Moving requires a bit of skill and a lot of patience. A surefire way to lose said patience is not to have the correct moving supplies on hand as you go through this very time-consuming process. 

We’d like to help with at least part of that, by telling you the kind of boxes you should absolutely have when you start packing your belongings for your move- whether it be a residential move or an office move. Lucky for all of us, there are moving boxes specially designed for almost every item in your home or office, helping to keep your valuables secure and arrive unharmed to their new residence. 


Large, medium, and small cardboard boxes

These are the boxes you’ll use the most, so have a bunch of these ready to go when you start packing. Be sure to get them in every size. Here’s the rundown:

  • Large cardboard boxes. Use these for light items such as clothing, shoes, linens, draperies, pillows, towels, blankets, etc. If you pack it with a bunch of heavy items, you’ll not only lose the integrity of the box, but you won’t be able to lift it either. If your items will be housed in the boxes for a significant period of time, first put them in a large garbage bag to keep them as clean as possible during their stint in the box.
  • Medium cardboard boxes. You’ll probably use a lot of these, so have plenty by your side. They can accommodate awkward items like lamps, vases, small kitchen appliances, framed art, and other decorations found throughout your house or office. You never want to overpack a box (they’re cardboard, they’ll break), so mix it up some and put a couple of heavier items with a couple of light items in here. 
  • Small cardboard boxes. These boxes are perfect for items found in your kitchen and bathrooms, your cleaning supplies, books, and food from the cupboard. They can easily house just one bulky item for easy transport (think your Kitchenaid or toaster). We like these guys because by nature they can’t get too heavy and the lighter the box, the easier to move it. 

Flat cardboard TV boxes

Got a flat-screen or four? You’ll want to invest in some flat-panel TV boxes. They’ll safely hold LED or plasma screens throughout their journey. Be sure the screen fits properly within the box and that you adhere to the this-side-up-rule. 

The box alone won’t keep these expensive items safe, load and unload smarty, and if put on a moving truck, you’ll want to ensure they’re placed with intent. 

We highly recommend these for your office move if you have several computer screens to transport. 


Telescope cardboard boxes

Don’t let the name fool you, these boxes are great for protecting larger pieces of framed art, mirrors, and flat screens. They have two pieces, a top and a bottom that combine by pushing the smaller end into the larger one. Slide the pieces together until the item being boxed is completely enveloped and your item will have excellent protection against damages such as cracks and tears.


Plastic storage boxes and bins

Get the clear plastic storage bins for easily seeing what’s inside and pack up your seasonal/holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing, electronics and tech gear, super fragile items, and your pantry food in these durable and waterproof containers. You can use them over and over, they keep your belongings safe from the elements, they’re easily stackable and come in a variety of sizes. 


Bankers boxes 

Bankers boxes are key to your office moving process. They can accommodate all that paperwork plus the files and folders and binders in an orderly fashion so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel (a.k.a. your filing system). 

They’re easy to hold and carry and they’re sturdy. If you’re moving your office, these are the quintessential box to have a ton of. 


Wardrobe boxes

Are you dreading opening your closets to pack them up? Don’t be. Grab some wardrobe boxes and your clothing can easily stay on their hangers throughout the move. Wardrobe boxes come with a metal bar perfect to hang your clothes. Just transport your clothes over to the wardrobe bar and you’ve got yourself a moving closet.

This is pure convenience because we’ve all dealt with a couple of hangers getting stuck together in the closet and talk about frustrating. Think about dozens getting stuck together when you toss your hanging clothes in a box. Not fun. Wardrobe boxes will save you a ton of time and aggravation. 

Road Scholars Moving & Storage offers four loaner wardrobe boxes on every truck. Simply use the boxes you need and return them when your move is complete.


Dishware boxes

If you’ve got dishes and glasses, these are going to save the day. Dividers keep glasses and stemware safe and separated, and allow for effective packing, utilizing the box space as efficiently as possible. (Be sure to write FRAGILE on boxes housing glassware and breakable goods). 


Floor lamp boxes

Floor lamps are awkward and because of their odd shape, they aren’t very easy to move and transport. Investing in tall, thin floor lamp boxes will keep your lamps safe and secure during transit. 


You need moving boxes, we have moving boxes

Moving your home or moving your office, Road Scholars has the moving boxes you need. Don’t get overwhelmed, we understand the stress that moving can cause, let us help. If you need advice on your move or just want a team of professionals to manage and complete your move, we’re happy to be of service. 

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