Once summer hits Colorado the moving season really starts.  It’s not just the convenience of warmer weather and longer days, but now the kids have completed the school year and adults are known to take a vacation from work, so summertime moving is just plain easier. 

Today we’re going to tell you how to prepare for your summer move so you can finish unpacking and start enjoying your new house and all the great BBQ weather faster.


Start Planning Your Move as Soon as You Can

Once you know you need to move, start planning for it.  Whether you’re moving locally or moving long-distance, this rule applies.  The sooner you start the moving process, the easier and more streamlined it will be. 

Determine whether you’re packing and moving yourself, or you’re in need of professional movers.  If you decide on the latter, figure out how involved they will be with your move and start calling around (to at least three) to get some quotes. 

Because summertime is the most popular time to move, be sure to find a Denver moving company that meets your needs and budget as quickly as possible.  The sooner you figure out this part of the equation, the more flexibility you’ll have with moving dates and times, and you’ll also be able to start budgeting with realistic, known numbers.

If you make the decision to complete part or all of the move on your own, be sure you get a moving truck secure, as well as any necessary moving equipment.  Also, start purchasing packing and moving supplies to avoid having to do so at the last minute. 


Start Packing for Your Summer Move

At Road Scholars Moving & Storage, we recommend starting to pack as soon as possible so you don’t feel rushed and end up damaging, forgetting, or losing any of your household items. 

Starting this process early will also make it possible for you to go through your belongings and figure out what you want to take and what you can get rid of. Sort your items so you know what you can trash, recycle, donate, or sell.  Don’t forget to keep aside everyday items so you have easy access to them. 

Labeling your boxes is smart and well worth the extra seconds it takes to finish with one box and start with a new one.  Once you arrive at your new home, you’ll undoubtedly want to get settled as soon as you can, so knowing what’s in your boxes and where the box should go will contribute to that end.

If you’re using a moving company for loading and unloading your items on the moving truck, labeling will help them know where to put your boxes as they load the truck and where to put them once they arrive at their destination.  Labeling furniture items will also help with communication and an easier process.  


Remember the Small Things

It’s really easy to get lost in the commotion of the actual move, no matter how well prepared you are.  So, here’s a list of small things that can turn into big problems if you don’t take care of them:

  •     Change your mailing address
  •     Get childcare and/or pet care for the day of the move (school is out, so kids are around!)
  •     Keep food, water, and cleaning supplies on hand for you and your helpers
  •     Be sure you have extra cash for any gratuity you want to provide
  •     Get your a/c and other utilities hooked up at your new house prior to the move-in date

All of these tips will help you stay organized and give you some peace of mind during a stressful day.

The Takeaway

Summer is a time for playing in sprinklers, sitting outside in complete daylight until after 8 pm, and enjoying your friends and family.  Don’t let your move take any of that away from you! If you plan ahead and start early, you’ll be relaxing on the patio in no time.

Road Scholars are true scholars when it comes to all things moving. Our movers are all background checked and are given the proper education to handle your most important possessions. From lifting techniques to packing excellence to details on how to successfully get through a challenging move, we give our movers all the insights they need to work at their fullest capability.

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