Like many of you, our family-run small business is saddened by the current state of the world and the nation. 2020 has seen a lot of disheartening times in its short life: COVID-19, racial injustice, police brutality, and serious financial hardship come to mind.

We’d like to let you know that we stand with people of every race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and economic standing. We believe in peace, justice, hope, inclusivity, and accountability, which is why we found it our duty to let you know this. We are all accountable. It’s up to each and every one of us to be accountable for spreading goodness, for being good, for doing good.

At Road Scholars, we are so honored to meet people who come from all over the world. We get to work closely and personally with people from every walk of life. We hear amazing stories and differing views and genuinely find the beauty in all of it.

We approach our personal life as we do our work life, hoping to provide a safe, secure, peaceful space for those we encounter, just as we do for those we move.

Our hope is that we can all unite and come together, bringing and accepting all of our many, many differences, using our voices for the good of mankind. Recognizing that our world is desperate for tranquility is not enough. All who hope for change should be that change and we’re delighted to tell you that we’re being that change now.

We stand with you and for you, we hear you and we’re grateful for you. Stay safe. Be kind.