Moving is both overwhelming and inconvenient, even in the best of circumstances.  Organization and smart management will help you get through the process with less stress. 

While most of those who prepare for a move get boxes, tape, and the usual packing supplies, there are those often forgotten, but necessary, moving supplies that get overlooked.

Today, we’re going to tell you about the must-have moving supplies that will make your packing and moving process that much easier and more efficient.


Chargers and Batteries 

Be sure to keep chargers out for your phone, computer, or other devices so that you can maintain access to the outside world.  Moving day gets disorderly, help keep yourself sane with phone access, internet access, or smart speaker access.  

Standard-sized batteries are always a good call, as well.  Keep some batteries in a known area so you can get your clocks, remotes, doorbell, radios, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors up and running and keep them that way.  Most of these items are used often, if not daily, so having extra batteries on hand is a safe bet.


Cleaning Supplies 

Moving is chaotic and dirty.  Yes, your toaster may be very clean, but have you lifted it up lately?  You’re going to find some messy surprises, so having cleaning supplies on-hand is a must.  Clean off your items, as well as surrounding areas such as countertops, inside the refrigerator, and dirty walls.  

If any of your items are going to be in boxes for a length of time, you don’t want them going in dirty.  

When you get to your new home, you’ll probably have movers coming and going, items being delivered, and workers such as electricians or cable installers walking around your house.  Having sprays, wipes, sponges, laundry detergent, and dishwashing soap will help minimize the mess.  

Trash cans and plastic bags are going to help you manage your garbage.  So, have all sizes on hand so you can properly dispose of your trash. If you’re recycling, you can find plastic recycle bags that make life easier when it’s time to take your garbage to the curb.


Snacks and Water

Don’t forget about the power of food and water.  Moving is demanding in every way, so get yourself some sustenance so you can keep up the hard work.  Having sports drinks, coffee drinks, juices, or alcohol is fine, but water is necessary. Be sure you have enough for everyone involved in your move.

Having healthy snacks around will pack a big punch.  Think fruit, granola bars, nuts, and veggies with dip.


TP, Napkins, Paper Towels

Be sure you have toilet paper in every bathroom and some to spare, especially if you have a lot of help with your move.  Comfort is key, so having bathroom essentials is going to make life easier.

Napkins and paper towels will help keep it clean, both your new place and the people in it, so keep these items in the kitchen for anyone to use when they need to.



Putting together or taking apart?  Either way, tools are required. Have your toolkit handy so you can stay on top of your move.  Whether you need to affix a leg to a chair or hang some art, your tools will help.


The Takeaway 

For a successful move stay organized and be smart about what you need.  This list will help you survive moving day, so be sure you know where these items are at your old house and your new one.

If you have any questions about moving supplies or moving in general, call us, check out our blog, or take a look at our Tips page for much more packing and moving insight!