Moving is a difficult job and being well prepared, both mentally and physically, is of the utmost importance.  You probably have tons of tasks on your list of things to do for your successful move. That’s great, but don’t forget about the super easy-to-avoid moving mistakes!

The list below will give you insight into what NOT to do during your moving process and the best ways to dodge ‘em.


One: Damaging Your Items

Damaging your items is the last thing you want to worry about during your move, you have enough going on.  Unfortunately, it happens a lot! Not carrying heavy furniture properly, overloading boxes, or even simply running into a wall; all can cause damaged stuff.  Don’t let that happen.

You have a lot going on and a lot to move so you may feel that the odds are against you but keeping your things safe and damage-free isn’t hard. 

  • Disassemble anything you can, it takes a bit more time, but it will allow for a smoother process, ease of weight and bulkiness, and facilitate better packing 
  • Pack in advance of moving day so you’re not under time constraints and can focus on the job at hand, packing each item the correct way
  • Have the correct equipment to support your move; use dollies, ramps, ropes, and anything else necessary to keep your items secure
  • Don’t rush, you can avoid moving disasters simply by going slow and being patient 


Two: Choose Your Moving Professionals Wisely

Nothing will upset you more than choosing a bad moving company.  There are a lot of moving scammers out there, so do your research, ask the hard-hitting questions, and choose the moving company that makes the most sense for your move.   

  • Ask for the moving company’s license and insurance
  • Read their reviews and check out the Better Business Bureau for info on them
  • Trust your gut if you feel something’s off, it probably is, why chance it?


Three: Be Prepared on Moving Day

This is a biggie, sounds easy, but you want to be totally prepared on moving day.  Yes, be packed and have the proper equipment and a great moving team, but don’t forget the details.

  • Have kids?  You’ll want to get a sitter.
  • Have pets?  You’ll want to keep them away from the chaos and don’t forget to have easy access to their food or medication if necessary.
  • Packed up your food?  You’re going to need to eat and drink, so have items on-hand or access to a store and/or restaurants.
  • Keep some necessary items nearby, such as utensils, cups, napkins, plates, etc.
  • Have easy access to toiletries, TP, cleaning supplies, medicine, money, phone chargers, tools, etc.   
  • Water and electric turned off at the old place?  Don’t make this mistake, you may need the a/c or heat, or to use your bathroom.  It’s good to be on top of things, but don’t go so fast that you end up torturing yourself during the move.
  • Water and electric turned on at the new place?  Do this for sure. When you’re moving your items in, you want to be comfortable and have access to food, bathroom, and temperature comfort.
  • If you’re moving long-distance pack a suitcase of your essential daily items so you have them with you at all times


Four: Damaging Your Home

Two things you don’t want: 1. To get billed for damages from your old place, and 2. To create damages at your new place.  

Neither is a good way to start your new life in your new place, so take care.  Be careful and cognizant of what you’re moving and how you’re moving it. Make smart decisions about large furniture, moving it and placing it.  If it’s a two-person job, don’t do it alone.  

You can avoid damaging the space by knowing the sizes of doorways and furniture, by moving slowly and deliberately, by asking for help, by using the proper equipment…  Just use common sense and you can do it.

 Look out for:

  • Scratching walls and floors
  • Dropping heavy furniture or boxes
  • Damaging door frames
  • Breaking glass/mirrors, etc.

The Takeaway 

You have a lot going on during your move, start your preparations early and you can avoid mistakes that can cause unnecessary stress.  Putting in some proactive effort will offer you some ease on moving day and help you get started at your new place on the right foot. Most importantly, you can avoid damages by choosing a licensed and insured professional moving company!

 Do you have questions about an upcoming move?  Let Road Scholars give you some answers.