As required by law, all Denver moving companies must display their Colorado P.U.C. license number (or H.H.G. #) and all interstate Movers must display their D.O.T. and M.C. numbers; in any advertising, including their website. If they do not display these numbers, they may not be licensed to legally operate a moving company. Avoid contacting any Denver Mover that does not display these numbers. Our H.H.G. number is: 00107. Any mover, who operates within the state of Colorado, must carry a household goods moving license, issued by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. See If Your Denver Mover is licensed, call: (303) 894-2000.

Request proof of insurance, from the movers you have selected, this way you can see the carrier’s limits for: workmen’s compensation, property and cargo insurance. If the Denver Mover that you select uses subcontractors instead of employing their own professional movers, there may be no workmen’s compensation coverage. This means, that if the carrier’s employee is injured on your property, the claim will be filed with your homeowner’s insurance. Some moving companies may cut corners by only carrying the minimum required insurance, as per the state. By doing this, claims can fall on you. Road Scholars Moving & Storage maintains full coverage Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.

Contact the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau. They assign an A – F scoring system, to any Denver Mover operating within the territory. They also track if a mover has government actions against them. Unlike many referral services, they stay completely impartial. They list both members and/or non-members and monitor a carrier’s performance, regardless of paid membership!

Released Value Option

This option shall allow the calculation of the value of loss or damage to household goods shipments to the lesser of: 1) a value equal to sixty cents (.60) per pound per lost or damage article; or 2) the value of the lost or damaged article, less depreciation for age and wear. This option is free. This option covers the repair or .60 cents per pound, whichever is the lesser.

Full Replacement Cost Option

This option provides for the loss or damaged items based on current full value at the time of loss or damage up to total dollar amount of valuation declared by you or repair; whichever is the lesser. This option is subject to a deductible selected by you. You will be charged for this coverage. Charges are based on hourly rate for the duration of the move. If this option is purchased, the minimum charge is $100.00. The deductible is due upon filing of a claim. 1) $100.00 deductible option is at an additional $15.00 per mover per hour. 2) $250.00 deductible option is at an additional $10.00 per mover per hour. This option covers the repair or full replacement, whichever is the lesser. This option has a $100.00 minimumThis valuation option is also available on interstate moves with either $250.00 or $500.00 deductible options; charges would be based on the actual weight of the shipment, see office for pricing.