Should Movers Wear Booties?

Should Movers in Denver, wear booties? While at first this may sound like a good idea, it doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny. This procedure may be quite appropriate for your plumber or cable man, who brings most of their tools/equipment necessary for their job, within one to two trips. However, your movers may make 200+ trips back and forth. The only way to incorporate this process into moving would be to (at each trip): carry a piece of furniture to the front door and put it down before entering the home, put the booties on, and then resume moving the piece into the rooms of the home. Upon returning to the truck for the next piece, they will need to stop at the door to remove the booties to prevent contamination from outdoors. Even if this procedure only adds 30 seconds each time, multiply that by several hundred trips! If you are paying your movers by the hour, which is common practice for local movers in Denver, this can become extremely cost prohibitive.

Another option would be for the movers to bring in several pieces and stage in the entryway of your home, put on booties and then distribute these items throughout the rooms of the house; take off the booties at the door and then go back to get next dozen pieces and repeat. This option still adds time, as well as the increased risk of damage to entry floors and your furniture. The scariest part of this process, unlike the cable man or plumber; they are carrying large, heavy and awkward pieces of furniture, sometimes backwards or up the stairs in what can give you the traction of an ice skate! Making it cost prohibitive, risking damage to your furniture or property and very dangerous to the movers well being.

“My booties are slippery!”

A safe and economical alternative would be carpet shield for carpeted halls or stairways, in combination with taping down pads (designated for floors) in the entryway. Using this procedure, if something were on the movers’ shoes, this gives them an opportunity to wipe them upon entry and protects main pathways in the home.

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