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Residential Denver Packing


Packing Tips: presented by Road Scholars Moving & Storage

  • Residential Denver Packing TipsPack a few boxes everyday; give yourself at least one month to get fully packed. Start with the items that you will not need until you relocate.
  • If you decide to use your own moving boxes, please make sure that they are clean, sturdy and have lids. Using trash bags for packing purposes is not advisable. We sell moving boxes.
  • Make sure that the box size is appropriate for what you are packing. For example; use small boxes for books, tools, or anything heavy and dense.
  • Try to keep the boxes at 40-50 pounds each.
  • Use three strips of tape, along the bottom seam of each moving box. Do not just fold flaps, you need to tape the bottom.
  • Label each box with the room it is to be delivered to and the contents.
  • Do not pack flammable items.
  • If you are packing liquids; such as cooking oil, cleaning supplies, toiletries; be certain that the lids are on tight. Better yet, do not pack liquids!
  • When you are packing fragile items, mark the box as FRAGILE.
  • Use dish boxes for: dishes, china, crystal or bric-a-brac. Do not skimp on paper! Do not use newspaper, as the ink can leach onto your valuable items. Crumple up paper and place on bottom of box, in between each layer and in all four corners. Wrap each individual item in 1-2 pieces of packing paper and stuff paper inside glasses, cups and stemware. Place dishes and glassware upright, not flat!
  • If you still have the original boxes for electronics, you may use them. If not, bubble-wrap each component and wad up paper in all four corners and each layer.
  • When packing lamps; remove lampshades, light bulbs, harps & finials and pack in a box or take these delicate items yourself.
  • Use bubble-wrap and/or paper pads to wrap paintings, mirrors or pictures and place into a mirror box.
  •  Use wardrobe boxes to transport your hanging clothing. This not only saves time, but prevents you from having to iron and/or dry clean. Road Scholars provides loaner wardrobes at no additional charge, for all local moving services and long distance moving.
  • You may keep clothing in dressers or chest of drawers. However, do not leave fragile items (such as framed photos), jewelry or anything other than clothing.
  • Please box all contents from your desks or credenzas.
  • Two-drawer file cabinets may remain full; if you are transporting four-drawer cabinets, please empty the top two drawers. This eliminates the chance of the cabinet bowing during transit.
  • Please pack and transport your own important paperwork, sentimental items and valuables.
  • Please keep in mind, that moving can be disruptive for children. If possible, leave the packing of their items, until the end. Let your children help pack their own items, if they are old enough. They can “label” their boxes by coloring pictures, so that their boxes will be easily recognizable when coming off the moving truck.

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