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Tips offered by Road Scholars Moving & Storage:

Prior to your – Commercial Denver – Moving DayCommercial Denver Moving Tips

  • Speak to your building management and ask if there are any pertinent moving rules or certificate of insurance requirements. We must have a week’s notice to issue certificates of insurance, listing the building as additional insured. If your Commercial Denver Moving company can not offer a certificate of insurance, they are most likely uninsured.
  • Call your firm’s utility companies to disconnect your services. Remember, you may want to clean after moving out, so leave the power and water on for a couple of extra days.
  • Dispose of unwanted items, prior to moving. Don’t pay to move items you do not want. Taking office furniture to a consignment store or donating are great options.  We offer a service to take unwanted items to the dump, ask within.
  • Contact aquarium maintenance firm to discuss moving of your office’s aquarium. We do move aquariums, but they must be completely empty. Ask your specific Commercial Denver Moving company how they transport aquariums.
  • Prepare computers and telephone systems: backup, disconnect, store and label cables in a zip lock bag. We rent out computer carts for easy transport of your computer and telephone systems.
  • Color-code each office, for proper distribution at the new space. For instance: assign each employee a color or name label and have them affix to each piece of furniture and all boxes from their work space.
  • For proper set up at your new office, have employees draw a diagram with the lay-out of the office furnishings and affix to the door of their private office.
  • If there is an elevator at either location, reserve exclusive use of freight elevator with building management.
  • If there are parking issues, please attempt to reserve a parking space for the truck or arrange reservations in dock.  We will need approximately two car lengths for one moving truck. The height clearance is 13′ 6″.
  • Pack all items such as: books, binders, paperwork, desktop items (stapler, pens, organizers), items in desk drawers, break room items, etc. In regard to metal file cabinets, you may leave two drawers full. Therefore, you need to empty top two drawers in all metal four-drawer cabinets. In regard to particle board/wooden file cabinets, please empty completely. We offer commercial packing services.
  • Make arrangements with I.T. person to install office telephones, computer server and computer systems, at new location.
  • Schedule an electrician to set up electrical wiring in cubicles, if applicable.

Commercial Denver – Moving Day

  • Make sure that all employees have labeled all of their office contents and disconnected their computers, placed cords in zip lock bag and tape to computer.
  • Organize all vital documents and valuables; such as business check book, tax records, employee’s cell phones, etc.  Do not pack these articles to be shipped in the moving truck.  Place in one easy to carry container and transport yourselves.
  • Do a walk through with building management and your Commercial Denver Moving crew leader, prior to the commencement of the office move.
  • Once the loading has been fully completed, do a walk through with the moving crew leader, to ensure they have loaded everything you wanted them to.
  • Upon delivery, please have someone present, to direct the movers as to the placement of your furniture and other belongings. Or as mentioned above, have each employee draw a clear diagram as to the set up of their office and affix to their door at the new office.
  • Upon completion of the delivery, do another walk through, to make sure that the movers assembled all desks and/or cubicles and that everything has been placed in their proper spots.

Make sure to begin packing your contents early or hire Road Scholars professional packers to help you prepare. We sell moving boxes and packing materials.

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