Moving is already a stressful time, and going through a divorce doesn’t make it any easier. 

Yet, relocating seems to help ease some of the pain and stress accompanied by a divorce or separation. Moving to a new environment offers new memories and a fresh start. 

Moving away from your old memories comes with many benefits. Though, if children are involved, it may be more difficult. There are laws to consider before you relocate, as well as your children’s feelings and well-being. 

Depending on your reason for the divorce, you may want to discuss where you plan to relocate with the other parent and work on a co-parenting plan. To determine what steps you should take, it would be wise to speak with your lawyer

Once you have decided where you will move, a moving company can help relieve some of your worries and ease your mind. 

With the help of moving experts, you will have less to do and to remember. A reputable moving company will ensure that your belongings are loaded correctly, driven safely to your new home, and delivered promptly. 

Consider the legal aspects of relocating after divorce

Generally, it is not a good idea to move out of state before or during your divorce if there are kids involved. 

Taking your child away from their other parent may cause emotional distress, not to mention that it could get you in trouble. 

Most states require a hearing and judge to allow a parent to relocate more than 100 miles away. In some states, this is set to 60 miles. 

If you plan on relocating long-distance, you will need to show how it is in your child’s best interest. 

Domestic Violence

If domestic violence is the reason for your divorce, talk to your lawyer about how to proceed with moving. Depending on your situation and state, the rules for relocating with a child may differ if abuse has been involved.  

Consider your Children’s Relationships

Before choosing a new home, you must consider your child’s feelings and their relationship with the other parent and family members. Relocating solely to get away from your ex-spouse is typically not a good enough reason for a judge to allow a long-distance move. 

Wait Until your Divorce is Final 

If relocating is in your child’s best interest, it is still wise to wait until your divorce is final, as a judge will need to determine this. Moving your child far away from the other parent before the divorce is final is typically not looked upon fondly by the courts. 

If there are no children or property involved, however, you are free to move individually before the divorce is final. Make sure to find out if there are any final hearings that you need to be present for. In this case, it might be wise to wait on the move or find out if there are remote attendance abilities. 

New life, new surroundings

It’s understandable that you’d like a change of scenery after a painful divorce. Or maybe it wasn’t a painful split, but you only lived there because of your former spouse. In any scenario, it can feel great to immerse yourself in a new city and move on from the past. 

Relocating somewhere new after a divorce can make some painful memories fade away and open the door to better opportunities. 

When kids are involved, relocating may provide better education, a more extensive support system, a safer home, and a more stable financial situation. It may prove that relocating is in their best interest. 

This can be a great thing for you and your child, especially if the reason for your divorce involves abuse. When parents are happier, children often become happier also. 

Divorces and custody arrangements are so challenging. It’s important to come up with a plan that works for everyone and is in the best interest of the child or children. 

Come up with a co-parenting plan

The best way to co-parent after a divorce is to develop a plan that helps your child remain close to both parents and allows them to be involved in their lives. While this may be more challenging after a relocation, it is possible with today’s technology. 

You may consider allowing the other parent to keep them during long school vacations and part of summer break. Extended visits like these will give the other parent time to bond with your child and give your child something to look forward to. 

During the busy school year, scheduling skype or zoom visits, and phone calls, can help your child feel close to their other parent and serve as reminders that their parent misses them and thinks about them.

Information sharing is also essential when you have decided to relocate. Figure out the best way to communicate with the other parent. Despite how difficult it may or may not be for you, letting the child’s other parent know about upcoming sporting events, school activities, and doctor appointments will help to keep them involved. 

The advantages of hiring movers during a divorce

You will likely be overwhelmed with your to-do list and stressed out by memories and events that led to your divorce. With all of this on your mind and your emotions at an all-time high, hiring help is not a bad idea. 

Once you decide on moving, look for a professional and experienced moving company. The sooner you find a moving company, the sooner you can book them. You want to book early to secure your move-in date. 

Moving companies often offer better rates when you use all of their services. Ask yourself if you need storage services or packing supplies. If so, ask what discounts or deals are available for bundling products and services. 

Professional movers can ease the stress of a move. They can help you pack your items, offer you advice on packing and handling fragile items, and make sure your move is done swiftly and safely.

Then, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is getting yourself and your children to your new location safely. Because the movers will certainly make sure that your items do.

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