Moving and packing is an overwhelming task. If you have a lot of clothing, you may wonder how you will pack it all. 

There are a number of tips and moving supplies available to make packing your clothing, accessories, and jewelry easier. 

You should never toss your clothing into bags and boxes without special care. To protect the quality of your clothing and make it easier to unpack at your new home, you’ll want to pack them the right way. 

While learning how to pack your clothing may seem like a waste of time, imagine how much more time it will take you to sort through clothing that is just tossed into bags and boxes. 

It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

You can learn how to pack clothes for moving by reading the following guidelines and methods.

Before you pack your clothes

Before you start packing clothes, you want to look through your closet and drawers. Most of us have clothing that we don’t wear and will never wear again. 

Rather than taking all of this clothing with you, only take what you know you will wear. 

You may also want to keep sentimental items, like a wedding dress, college robe, or baby clothing. While you will never wear these again, it is reasonable to keep them and pack them separately. 

Keep, donate or sell 

Now that you are going through all of your clothing, you can make three separate piles. One pile for the articles of clothing you will keep, another for gently used items that you can donate, and the last for clothing you want to sell. 

Sort clothing

After you’ve decided on the clothing you want to keep, you can sort through it. Sorting by pieces now will make it easier for you to organize your closet after the move. 

You can sort clothing whichever way seems to make the most sense for you. 

For instance, you can pack items by season,  material, or occassion. In the end, you may have jeans with jeans, shirts together, and dresses together. 

It is also important to sort each family member’s clothes separately. You wouldn’t want to put your jeans with your child’s jeans. 

Wash or dry clean clothing

Many professionals suggest washing and dry cleaning your clothes before packing them. This ensures that you will not be mixing dirty and clean clothing together and that nothing smells. 

Just make sure all your clothing is dry before you pack it, or it can create mildew.

Clothing packing methods & supplies

Some things may seem straightforward but using the following methods and packing supplies, you’ll get the best outcome. 

Cardboard boxes

Small or medium boxes are great for holding and moving folded clothes. These can often be purchased through the moving company you may choose to work with. 

Duffel bags

If you already have duffel bags feel free to use them for clothing. Rather than folding your clothes, use the rolling method to make them fit better. 

Wardrobe boxes

These boxes are perfectly designed for protecting and transporting clothes on hangers. Use these for your nicer items such as work shirts and formal pants.  

Garment bags

These can be used the same way as a wardrobe box for clothes on hangers. Garment bags are also great at protecting fine and delicate clothing, such as furs, leather, lace, and chiffon.

Vacuum bags

For bulky items like sweaters, winter coats, and jackets.

Storage containers

For the items you will no longer wear but are sentimental, you can store them in containers to keep them safe from dust, dirt, and the elements. 

You can use smaller-sized containers to pack and protect jewelry. 

Non-hanging clothes

Believe it or not, there are many different strategies for folding your clothes. 

The flat fold

This method will work best for bulkier clothing like jeans and sweaters. If you are going to flat fold, you want to pack these articles of clothing in cardboard boxes.

If you are unsure how to use the flat fold method, take a look here. There are instructions and examples on how to fold many different types of clothing. 

Military rolling method

This method is best for small and delicate pieces and if you plan on packing clothes in a duffle bag or suitcase.

To find out how to use the military rolling method, check out these examples and videos. 

The KonMari method

This method is quite popular, and for those who have joined the craze, Marie Kondo has their homes looking decluttered, organized, and tidy. She has excellent tips on folding clothing

Hanging clothes

If possible, it is best to leave hung garments on hangers. It will help them stay wrinkle-free and make it easier to unpack them into your closet. 

As mentioned above, to transport clothing on hangers, you may purchase wardrobe boxes or garment bags. 

A low-budget way to move hanging clothes is to use trash bags. You can easily slip the clothing into the bag and make a hole for the hanger to come out.  

After clothes are packed for moving

Now that you know how to pack clothes for moving, you can get on with the rest of the move, including hiring professional movers. 

We know that moving can be a challenging task when you are going at it alone. Whether you have a residential or long-distance move coming up, we would love to make it go smoothly. 

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