The stress of moving can take its toll on even the calmest and the most patient of people. 

It is a time of many decisions and hard work. You will need to choose a home, your move-in date, what you want to bring with you, and whether you will move yourself or hire a team of movers

Having options can bring your stress levels down, especially when you learn the pros and cons of each choice. Before making any decisions, you will want to consider your budget, what type of services you need, your timeframe, and how far you are moving. 

If you are in a rush to move, with a lack of help, hiring a moving company may be in your best interest if it is within your budget. If you have a more lenient timeframe with friends and family who are willing to help you, you may be able to save a small fortune by going the DIY route. 

Either way, you will feel more confident with your decision after considering both of your options and how they will affect your move.

Completing a DIY Move

Like some, you may like the DIY approach to moving, as it gives you complete control over your move. 

You can follow your schedule and go at your own pace, which may fit your personality and be most important to you.


  • It’s affordable 
  • You can do it precisely on your timeline
  • You can pack however you want
  • Extra care is taken with your valuables


  • Heavy lifting and physical labor
  • It takes longer moving without professional help
  • You will be planning everything alone
  • Unexpected problems may arise (not having the right equipment or tools)
  • Transporting items
  • You’ll owe your friends and family for their help

Hiring a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company may give you less freedom than a DIY move, but it can be the quickest and easiest way to get your move over with. 

If it is within your price range and you have children or other responsibilities to tend to, this option could be perfect for you and your family. 


  • Less labor and heavy lifting
  • Not as much driving for you
  • Fewer responsibilities 
  • You can insure your belongings
  • More time to focus on other tasks
  • A team of professional movers will be experienced
  • Movers come with a truck and the proper equipment
  • Less stressful


  • More costly 
  • Less flexibility and control over your move
  • Impersonal 
  • You have to work around their schedule

Downsizing for an easier move

With so much to figure out during an already overwhelming time, it can help if you downsize before your move. Reducing your items and taking an inventory of what you’re taking with you allows you to figure out what size truck you need, how many trips it may take, and if you need help. 

Knowing what you need to move will also help you determine what moving supplies you need to purchase. If you choose a moving company to help you move, you may be offered special discounts on their moving supplies, so always be sure to ask. Typically, the more services you receive from a moving company, the better deal you will get.

When it comes to hiring a moving company versus doing it yourself, it mainly depends on your budget, preference, and ability. 

If you have a house full of furniture and belongings, you know you will need a large truck and more time for your move, especially if you’re going to do it alone. 

But, if you are moving from a small apartment or minimalizing for a fresh start and new look, you may not need as large of a truck or to make so many trips. 

With a smaller move, you may be able to get away with moving everything alone or with the help of a couple of friends. 

Items you will need to move

You may also want to take into consideration what it is that you are moving. More oversized items, especially bulky, heavy, or fragile ones, can be challenging to move alone. While doing an inventory of your belongings, be sure to think about how you will get these types of items out of your old home and into your new one. 

For instance, if you have a grand piano, do you have the help and equipment to lift and carry this? While it may be difficult for you, a moving company could move such an item with ease. 

Experienced movers are used to oversized items and know-how to move them safely, regardless of the circumstances.

If you are ever unsure about moving something, hiring professionals would likely be in your best interest. There is no reason to add extra stress to your move, risk hurting yourself, or damaging your valuable things. 

Choosing a smooth and easy move

While moving into a new home can be stressful, time-consuming, and cause you anxiety, it doesn’t have to. 

With the help of a professional moving company, your move can be quick and painless. 

At Road Scholars Moving Company, we take pride in our moving services and team of professional movers. 

With us, you can trust that your items are respected and transported with care. To see what our past customers have said about our services, you can read their positive reviews and experiences.

Contact us when you are ready to learn about our moving and storage services and how our professional and responsible team can make your transition go smoothly.