Moving can involve a combination of both excitement and stress. With proper preparation and planning, you can make your move go smoothly. One of the most important decisions you will make while planning your move is choosing the right moving company. 

It can be challenging to find a professional, reputable moving company. But putting in the extra work and time to find one can set your entire moving process up for success. Unfortunately, there are scammer moving companies out there who will gladly take your money. To guarantee this doesn’t happen to you, make sure that you read reviews and do your research on the moving companies you call. 

With all the tasks that come with moving on your mind, you may not consider what can go wrong if you hire the wrong moving company. So, we have created a list of 5 common mistakes when hiring professional movers. Hopefully, these will give you a better idea of what you should consider before hiring movers and signing any paperwork. 

1. Choosing the movers with the lowest price

You have probably heard the advice “you get what you pay for.” This stands true not only for products but for services as well. While it makes sense that you would want to save money, it’s not worth it if you get bad service or end up paying hidden fees. 

When a moving company advertises their services at a considerably low cost, there is usually a reason. You don’t have to decide against a cheaper-priced company, but you should look into why they may be so cheap. 

Have other people made complaints? Do they have a record of damaging belongings? Has anyone mentioned that they took a down payment, never to show up again? These are questions you will want answers to before hiring a company. 

2. Not checking with the Better Business Bureau

Always check with the Better Business Bureau for accredited moving companies. This will ensure that you’ve found a reliable moving company that will not rip you off. They will show up on moving day prepared and ready to load and unload your belongings carefully. 

Just knowing that your moving company is a professional and responsible company will ease your mind. You will be able to focus on transitioning from your old home to your new home without worrying about what may go wrong. 

The BBB website allows you to search by your State, find moving companies, and then look over their licenses and certificates. Visiting this site can save you time. If a company on your list does not show up on the BBB website, then there is no reason to continue looking into that company. 

3. Not giving movers an inventory of unusual or large pieces you may have

To receive an accurate quote, you will need to provide your movers with a complete list of what you need to be moved. If you fail to disclose your belongings and special pieces, such as a piano, or another large and heavy object, several things can happen. 

First, if the moving company does not have a complete inventory, your quote will be wrong, and your final moving cost could skyrocket. While the final price may upset you, it wouldn’t be the moving companies fault. 

Second, if the moving company shows up and there are large items to move that they were unaware of, they may not have the proper equipment to move it. This is inconvenient for them and you. The company would then need to make an extra trip to grab the appropriate gear, which takes up more of their time, and more of your money. 

4. Not asking about hidden fees or extra charges

When a moving company gives you their estimate, the quote should include all charges. It is always best to double-check, though, because sometimes extra services are not written down. 

For instance, until your move is complete, the moving company may not have written in gas or mileage charges or fees for moving to an apartment or home that requires flights of stairs. 

If you want to know for sure what your final cost will be, ask the professional movers. Let them know that you want to know every fee and extra charge. Even if they don’t offer this information voluntarily, they are obligated to tell you when you ask. 

5. Not planning ahead

When you don’t plan ahead of time, your move becomes more stressful. You need to know when you are moving, what needs to be moved, who will be helping you move, and how it will all get done. 

Being able to answer these questions for yourself will leave you with fewer worries. Before your actual move, researching and preparing are the most important steps you will take. The extra work you put in searching for moving companies and planning your move is what makes your actual moving day go smoothly. 

Learning about common mistakes that some make when hiring professional movers is crucial. It could also benefit you to learn about moving tips that have helped others during your planning process. 

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