Nothing says home sweet home like the art on the walls and the dishes in the cabinet. However, sometimes that takes a bit more time than you’d like. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to take as long as you think or be as hard.

Today we’ll give you some unpacking tips that will have you feeling cozy in your new place fast. 


Have the new place cleaned

Whether you do it or pay to have it done, knowing that your new house has been cleaned to your liking will give you some peace of mind. And not having to do it later, after items have been set in place, is just plain faster and easier.


Unpack the bathrooms, then the kitchen, then the beds

This is the best order to go. You want your bathroom to have all the necessities: toilet paper, towels, toothbrush, soap, shower essentials, etc. After a long, exhausting day of moving, a bubble bath may be just what the doctor ordered. 

Your kitchen should be your next unpacking spot. Get that microwave, toaster, and coffee maker ready to go; you’re going to need them. A microwave may be your saving grace for the next several days, so be sure to get it set up ASAP. All food and dishware should be put away soon upon arrival (perishables immediately), and if you have your cleaning supplies in your kitchen, make sure they’re safely placed. You can get to unpacking smaller kitchen appliances and pots and pans last. 

After your bathroom and kitchen have the necessities ready to go, set up the beds. Nothing will make you happier the day of your move than climbing into your own warm bed that night. Grab the box that has your clean linens in it, and prepare for a great night’s sleep. 


Put the boxes where they go

Before you get crazy opening boxes, have your professional movers move the boxes to the appropriate rooms. This will ensure you don’t have a chaotic family room filled with boxes as far as the eye can see. It will also encourage little Sally and her brother to start working on unpacking their bedrooms. 


Organize the used packing supplies

Once the boxes have been opened and the items taken out, break down the boxes (be careful, as you can reuse or donate boxes that are kept in good condition), and use a large black garbage bag for the bubble wrap and paper. This will alleviate a huge mess that will only add to discomfort and stress. 

Remember, if the packing paper and bubble wrap are also in good condition, donating them with the boxes is a nice gesture. Consider recycling the packing materials that can’t be salvaged. 


Get your lighting taken care of

If you arrive at your new place during the daylight hours and don’t check if the lightbulbs are working in the overhead fixtures, you may be in for a rude awakening when it starts to get dark. Setting up your lamps will ensure you have adequate lighting and provide comfort and warmth to your new space. 


Invite friends and family to help you unpack

Make unpacking more fun with friends and family. Have some music, food, and laughs together as you start your new life in your new location. Does Grandpa Jake have a bad back, invite him anyway; he can sit on the sofa and direct, as long as he tells some good stories, too. 

The unpacking day(s) will go by faster, be less stressful, and may even be fun with the help of those you love. 


So, start unpacking 

Unpacking can be existing, and setting up your new home doesn’t have to be stressful. Take the time you need, but once you get some momentum going, it’ll be over before you know it. Using these tips will help keep you organized, which is always a must when you move. 

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