Moving is a tall order and in most cases, you’re going to want to start planning it out well in advance in order to best manage your time and best maintain your sanity. 

Road Scholars have dozens of smart moving tips to help accommodate your quick and efficient residential move or office move. Today, we’d like to touch on a handful of items you can start a month in advance of your move so that you have some peace of mind and can use your time wisely. 



First and foremost, get rid of all the stuff you don’t want, need, or use. This will save you more time and money than you can imagine. It may seem like a big job, but if you stay organized and start this process early, you can do it. You can even make some money if you decide to sell it (garage sale, apps, consignment).


Get your moving supplies and start packing

Having your supplies in-house will provide both motivation and easy access. Watching a movie tonight? Cool. Load a box or two while you do it. I mean, the box and the packing materials are right there next to the TV. 

Check out what you’re moving and take note (mental or otherwise) and then grab the items you’ll need in order to pack them. Do it by room so it doesn’t get too time-consuming or disorganized. You’ll need boxes, wraps, tape, and markers for sure, so feel free to start with the basics, and as you pack you’ll realize what you need more of. 

Deter procrastination by starting your packing as soon as possible. Put on some music, make it a game, pay your kids, or hire professionals, however you chose to do it, don’t delay. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. 


Find your moving company

This may take a bit of time because you’ll first want to do your research. Ask for recommendations from your friends and family, read online reviews, look at the BBB, and see what they have to say about your chosen companies. 

After that’s complete, call them. See if they can handle your specific moving needs and goals and if they’re available when you need them. Oh! And get the quote. It’s important to note that moving is difficult and requires a certain skill set, as well as stellar customer service, so the cheaper does not equate to better. Vet your moving professionals and make sure they have the proper insurance and meet all state requirements. 


The odds and ends of moving

There are probably going to be a bunch of little items to take care of that will be a big problem if you don’t. Handle those items early on so they aren’t nagging you later when you’re under even more pressure.

Here is a list of reminders to aid in that:

  • Take care of your utilities. Cancel or forward what you need to and be sure you get everything turned on at your new location so you have running water, internet, a/c, etc. when you arrive. 
  • You’re going to want the comforts of home ASAP (even at your office). Keep your important papers together and have easy access to them. You never know what’s going to happen in a move so know where your insurance info is, your banking documents, your kids’ immunization forms, any medical history details, and all of your personal documentation (birth certificates, marriage certificate, passports, etc.).
  • If you need access to a pharmacy for prescriptions, be sure to find a new one close to your new house and have them transferred there. While you’re at, take care of finding new doctors and dentists that take your insurance.
  • Change your address (and phone number if necessary). In most cases, you can do this online and it only takes a couple of minutes. 
  • Enroll your kids in school (and don’t forget to tell the old school they won’t be back).
  • Moving long-distance? Know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Taking the scenic route? Is time of the essence? Get organized and plan accordingly. 


The takeaway

No matter how much planning you do, you’ll find yourself in some challenging situations when you move. The best you can do is try to take care of the things you can, and allow yourself the time you’ll need for the surprises. Starting your moving process early on will help.

If you want more tips on moving or would like to speak to our professional moving team, contact us today, and let’s talk about your move.