We know that moving can take a lot out of you (especially when you’ve moved cross-country), both physically and emotionally.  You’ll most likely experience a range of emotions: excitement, chaos, worry, relief, joy, anxiety, and that’s just within the first hour of your arrival in your new home. 

 As always, Road Scholars Moving & Storage is here to help and open for business. We are committed to help support your move in any way.  You can count on us!

Today we’d like to share with you some of the important steps to take after your move that will offer peace of mind, security, and an overall feeling of well-being in your new location.


Unpacking will allow you to get comfortable in your new space.  Putting out the framed pictures, the knick-knacks, the items that make your house a home, will offer some essential and immediate serenity. 

That said, you also need the comforts of everyday needs at your fingertips.  So, start with your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom boxes so that you can eat, shower, and sleep easily.  Just having these items out will contribute greatly to your relaxation.

 While most people want to unpack ASAP, the nice thing is that it’s not required.  You can do it at your leisure because there’s no real time-crunch like there was when you were packing up to move out.  Not having the added element of necessity, makes unpacking less stressful than packing, automatically.  So, do what you can when you can. 

Explore Your New Home

Sure, you’ve most likely viewed the house prior to moving in, but now it’s yours!  Give it a good look around.  There’s a whole new feeling viewing it in this light.  Check out the crevices of the basement, explore the backyard, look for treasure in the attic. 

 While you’re at it, look for any signs of damage, leaks, etc.  And, if you don’t know where it is, locate and label the fuse box (if it isn’t already labeled) and find the main water stop valve.  Check out the smoke detectors and locate the fire extinguisher (or buy one and make sure everyone living at the property knows where it is).  If you have small kids, be sure to start child-proofing right away, too. 

 Knowing the ins and outs of the new space and preparing it for you (and your family) is smart, but also provides a sense of security. 

Make Some Updates

No, not to your home, you just moved in, those updates can wait a second.  But, be sure to update the following information:

Your new address–you can update this either by going to the post office and filling out a change of address form or you can go online and do it (do this sooner rather than later so you get all your mail)

  • Your new school–if you have kids, be sure their new school is aware of them and they’re registered to start (be sure you have all the appropriate documentation)
  • Your new healthcare providers–find your new local dentist, hospital, primary physician, etc.
  • Your new car registration and license–if you’ve moved states, get your car registered as soon as you can, as you may get a fine if you wait too long and update your license (you may only need an address update, not a new state license)

Explore Your New Neighborhood and City

Of course finding out where your grocery, pharmacy, and shops are is a crucial step in getting to know your surroundings, but also, walk around your new town if you’re able.  Get to know it!   Find the local bars, restaurants, bakery, and shops you’ll enjoy.  Know where the parks, local theater, and museums are.  This will help you acclimate quicker than staying isolated in your home.

Going out will also help you meet people and make friends, which is so important to truly loving your new location.  Talk to some locals, go to the community picnic, introduce yourself to your neighbors while on a bike ride, host a BBQ, or sign up to help at a school event.  All these things will get you in front of new faces that may turn out to be lifelong friends and exactly what you need to feel great about your move and your new life in a new location. 

The Takeaway

Yes, moving to a new location has its challenges, but if you stay focused and get through some basic tasks that will contribute to your comfort and sense of belonging, those challenges will turn to confidence and security quicker than you think. 

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