Moving is a process and may appear to be overwhelming at times. However, the moment when you have all of your belonging unpacked and in their new setting, there’s a true sense of accomplishment.

Having a clean and organized space is always important, but now more than ever. Road Scholars Moving & Storage is here to help you during COVID-19, we’re fully operational and have staff working remotely to answer any questions you may have. But, we’re here to advise you about your move, as well.  

Today we’ll tell you how to get your new home organized, clean, and feeling fresh after your move, and keep it that way.

How to Become a Tidy Person

Maybe you’re on the messy side and hoping your new home will inspire some change. That’s a great thought to have and we say go with it. However, if you try to pull off too much at once, you may be setting yourself up for failure.  

Start small and go from there. Are you one of those people who never pushes your chair in? Or perhaps you constantly leave the cabinet doors in your kitchen open?  Maybe an unmade bed didn’t bother you before, but in your new house, you’d like to step it up.  

After you’ve cleaned and unpacked your belongings, your place is probably pretty much perfect, so start implementing some easy-to-follow “rules” for yourself to keep it that way and before you know it, being tidy will become a habit, requiring less and less thought.  

Shoes Stay at the Door

Now is an excellent (and necessary) time to start forming this habit and getting your whole family to follow suit.  Wearing shoes in your home can do much more than bring in dirt and bacteria, it can cause illness.  

Keep your shoes in an area your family can access by the front door.  This can be in a closet, exposed bins, a chest, just keep it uncluttered and clean, you don’t want piles of shoes all over your entryway.  It’s not an efficient way to find matching shoes and you don’t want that to be the first thing you (and your guests) see when entering your home.

If you didn’t do it prior to your move, go through your shoes and get rid of those that you don’t wear or are too battered to wear.  Think about donating or selling those that you can.  Do it with your jackets and outerwear, too, no time like the present to get the things you no longer wear out of your new house.

Begin Your Day With Some Momentum

Your morning can make or break your day, so why not go the extra distance and take some little steps that lead to a happier you:

  • Make your bed (and have your kids make theirs)
  • Put your breakfast dishes in the dishwasher when you’re done with them
  • Wipe up the spilled coffee
  • Wipe around the sink after you brush your teeth
  • Put your PJs back in their drawer

Taking a moment to do these little tasks will pay off when you come home from work to a clean place.  It’s also a fact that being organized is better for your overall health.

A Good Deep Clean is Necessary Now and Then

No one loves to do it, but afterward is so amazing.  Maybe you’re already doing the weekly vacuum, dust, toilet clean, laundry, etc., and that’s great.  But, it’s important to get vents, drapes, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, furniture, and rugs, too.  

Our carpets gather a lot of dirt (see remove-shoe section above) and those toxins can spread all around your home if you don’t take care of them.  Give your rugs and fabrics a deep clean using professional cleaners once or twice a year to help avoid pollutants in your house.  

Clean Up and Put Your Stuff Away As You Go

Simply putting your things away straight after use will give you immediate satisfaction.  That goes for cleaning as you go, too.  If you’re headed into the kitchen, take the laundry you just folded and drop it in your bedroom.  If you’re making dinner, put the measuring cup in the sink and the flour in the pantry as soon as you’re done using them.

Cleaning as you go will reduce the time you spend cleaning later and since you have to do it anyway, why not just get it over and done with?

The Takeaway

We hope these cleaning and organizing tips will help you maintain the tidy house you’ve always wanted after your move.  

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