Kids have it rough.  They don’t get to make the big decisions and can’t control most of what goes on in their young lives.  So when it’s time to make a big move, it can be very emotional and scary for them. 

But, there are ways in which to make your kids feel good and important when it comes to your move and today we’re going to share them with you.

Communication is Key

Communication- a great life-rule, but sometimes we don’t use it as wisely when it comes to our kids.  So, keep them in the know from start to finish when it comes to your move.

  • Start the conversation early.  Before you tell them you’re moving, talk with them about moving.  Give them the answers to why it would be good to move and how it will benefit them. Let them get their stresses out and take time in your responses so you can be as thoughtful as possible.
  • Allow them time to process and ask questions.  Your kids may not grasp the reason for the move and may have a ton of questions.  Be patient and give them quality answers. This may work the other way, too: they may not be asking questions at all.  Open the space for them to do so. Ask them to ask you questions about the move or share their feelings about it. And if they don’t know how to express themselves, offer answers to unasked questions.  This will give them more security and understanding.
  • Be conscientious and caring.  Kids love routine and this will be a break in that, so let them know that change is okay and part of life.  Remind them that you aren’t leaving them. Show them that you’re excited for the new adventure and explain how the new possibilities are endless.  Reassure them as often as they need.  

Let Them Help

Kids looooove helping!  So allow them to do that.  When they’re involved, they feel like they’re part of the decision, which gives them a sense of control.

  • Take them to see the new house.  Allow them to run through it and take a look at the place.  Ask them what they think should go where. What bedroom will suit them best?  Where should the hamper go if it won’t fit in the new bathroom? Give them a voice and they’ll get excited.
  • Hand them a list of things to do.  Not only does this help them process what’s happening, it helps you, too- a win win, we call that!  It also keeps their minds busy and lets them feel important and like they’re contributing to something that’s a big deal.  Have them pack their toy room up, or get the throw pillows in a pile, label some boxes, or hand you the plates. Doing so will help to empower them.
  • Have them talk to your movers.  Having strangers in the house may be odd to them, so make introductions and let them help by offering the local movers water or asking if they can help take some boxes out for them.  They’ll love being helpful to their new friends.

Enjoy Yourselves! 

If the kids see you all stressed and annoyed, they’re likely to engage in that same attitude, so be cognizant of your emotion.  Let yourself have a good time, and fun will be had by all! Turn up the music and try some of these tricks to kick up the mood:

  • Who can pack a box first?  I don’t know, but if you turn it into a race, you may get some dressers and closets emptied before you know it.
  • Make the move itself fun.  Whether flying or driving, play some games, talk about what you’re all most looking forward to, where are the places you want to visit in your new hometown?  Where will you explore first?
  • Let ‘em personalize their space.  Have a box of your child’s decorative room decor ready to go, so they can start putting their knick-knacks and artwork wherever they want.  Afterall, it’s their room- let them decorate how they’d like. And if you see a great space for a wall-length mirror or a new reading area, make a Target run and let your kid choose some fun stuff to spiffy up their area.
  • Grab some friends!  One thing we know, kids love their social life, so get ahold of some old friends, and/or knock on the new neighbor’s door and invite some people over for a fun time in the new place.
  • Arts and crafts are the best.  Kids eat it up, so use some of the old boxes, bubble wrap, and filler paper to create some artwork that you can hang on the wall (or climb inside), to help your house feel like your home right off the bat. 


Moving doesn’t have to be sad or scary (although that’s perfectly normal) for your kids.  They’ll be feeling a lot of things, so help them navigate through those feelings by keeping them informed and letting them contribute.  

Being helpful and happy with some guidance from the grown-ups is the best way to stay positive and make the move into a new home that much more exciting!

We wish you and your kids a safe and fun move!  If we can help in the process in any way, give us a call!